We’re Taking a Break

For the sake of our marriage and our sanity, we’re taking a break from work for the next twelve days and venturing out west to visit one of our all-time favorite cities, San Diego, then over to Breckenridge, Colorado to breath deep some mountain air.

As much as we try to be like ducks — smooth and unruffled on the top while padding furiously underneath — the past several months have been absolutely crazy for both of us. Between work and weddings and school and church and holidays, we often look at each other and ask the same question others often ask us: “How do you do it all?” The truth is, sometimes we just can’t. Sometimes we have to put things on the back-burner that have no business going there (friends, family, etc.), and this past year Brittany and I have been frequently reminding each other that we need to do a better job prioritizing and balancing our lives. We’re definitely a work in progress.

All that to be said, we need this break. Big time.


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