Willow is Five

How in the world do we have a five-year-old already?! Willow’s birthday weekend has been full of celebrations and fun activities with many of her closest friends, so what better time to resurrect our blog and document the happenings of this major life milestone?!

Friday, April 8

We surprised Willow by taking her to Daylight Donuts in Nicholasville, where we picked up a dozen sweet treats then headed to Mrs. Donna’s for a fun little birthday celebration.

For evening plans, Willow asked to go to “Home Alones” aka Malone’s for her birthday dinner! Heaven, help us…this girl has expensive taste! 😅 She got to invite her bestie Blake to come along, and we got some delicious BoBi Cones ice cream afterwards. Tomorrow is another big day as Willow has her very first soccer game (Brrr! 🥶), a fun birthday party, and another special surprise.

Saturday, April 9

What a day! Willow had her very first soccer game this morning and it was both hilarious and brutal! Hilarious because Willow totally scored a goal for the other team, but that didn’t stop her from running over to us — arms flailing — while yelling “I won! I won!” 🤦🏻‍♂️😅 The weather was brutal part. The temps were in the 30’s and midway through the game, heavy winds, snow, and sleet stymied the fun. The game was called on account of the weather, but thankfully, Willow and her teammates still seemed to enjoy the experience (but not the cold).

On Saturday afternoon, we headed to Art Play Children’s Studio in downtown Lexington for a birthday party with some of her closest friends. The kids were able to use play dough, play in a sensory bin, and interact with a massive paint wall. They also did a cute craft, then had pizza and cupcakes. It was so awesome to see Willow have so much fun with her besties!

On Saturday evening, Ryan took Willow to Jym Jam at Asbury University. The free event included gymnastics, stunting, trampolines, a ring of fire, and so much more. Willow was completely captivated by the athletes, and at the end of the event, they invited all the kids down onto the mats where they could do some tumbling of their own and take photos.

Sunday, April 10

Sunday was the grand finale for Willow’s birthday weekend. We went to church where we worshipped Jesus and got donuts (is there any better combination of things?!), napped, then welcomed some dear friends out to the homestead for a Mexican-themed birthday party which included catering from Moe’s and a piñata! The kids also enjoyed playing outside on an inflatable bounce house, swinging, and going on “Ranger rides” around our property with Ryan.

As Willow laid down to go to sleep, she said, “This was the best weekend EVER,” and was smiling from ear to ear. We agree, Peanut…it was perfect and we LOVED getting to celebrate you!


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