Willow is 18 Months

Life has been so fun since Willow turned the big ONE! Our sweet girl started walking around 13 months and since then, she’s been on. the. go. Literally!

This girl loves ALL the things, but especially loves playing hide and seek, chasing us around the house, and playing with Daddy. She’s a lover and a cuddler and isn’t afraid to tell you “no” or that she wants “down!”

We’ve gotten a taste of her ‘tude and that’s been fun trying to navigate, but hey to all the first-time parents just trying to do their best, right?! This has probably been my favorite stage thus far; I absolutely love seeing her learn new things and love watching her language grow (the literacy professor Mom is totally geeking out). I love practicing flash cards and reading with her. I’m not afraid to say it though…Daddy is by far her favorite on the planet.

Parenting isn’t easy, but this girl sure makes it fun. Willow Rose, how are you 18 months already? Time, please slow down because our girl is getting too big!

Thank you, Kelsey Malicote, for documenting Willow’s life. These pictures are some of our most treasured. I should also say a huge thank you to Elmo for bringing all the smiles to our Peanut’s sweet face. And, another big huge thank you to Doug and Glenn with Doug Smith Design Events for making our flower crowns in a hot minute. You came through when I texted you the day before with the idea and I’m so, so grateful! We love our people!

Happy 18 months, Willow Rose!


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