Willow is ONE

Willow is ONE! Well, she has been for a couple of months now, but we have been busy bees with wedding season and life! We celebrated Willow in true Peanut style on her actual birthday, April 8th. Friends and family celebrated our girl and it was such a special day!

This past year has truly flown by. We heard the saying “the days are long, but the years are short” countless times, and that phrase couldn’t be more true. We now have a little walker who is fiercely independent with a spunk in her ‘tude, but she also has the most sensitive loving heart.

Leading up to Willow’s arrival, I said repeatedly that we would do something small for her first birthday. Ha! I laughed at myself a lot while planning her party because when it came down to it, the party was anything but little!

We decided on an elephant + peanut theme since her nickname is Peanut, and the Etsy shopping began. It all ended up coming together and we couldn’t have been happier with how things turned out. Even though she won’t remember that day, I will forever remember how loved both Ryan and I felt as so many of our loved ones gathered in one room celebrating our girl.

We still can’t believe our Peanut is ONE, but goodness are we having so much fun learning and growing as parents!

Here is the “Willow’s One” video Ryan did for her first birthday, plus lots of sweet pics from the amazingly-talented Kelsey Malicote along with photos from her birthday party taken by my awesome hubs!


Willow’s One Year Birthday Shoot with Kelsey Malicote

…and here are photos from the Malicotes’ photo booth (click the image below)!

Willow’s First Birthday Party


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