Northwestern vs. Michigan

This is a true tale of two guys who know how to make things happen. My best friend Mark and I left our wives shopping in downtown Chicago and spontaneously headed north towards Paul Ryan Stadium on the campus of Northwestern University to see the Wildcats take on the University of Michigan. When we arrived, we immediately started looking for ticket scalpers and had no trouble finding them. Unfortunately, tickets were selling extremely high ($100+) and we just couldn’t justify paying that much, so we wandered around hoping a deal would find us. Before we knew it, the game had started and there were no reasonably-priced tickets to be found.

Being the opportunists we are, Mark and I noticed a two couples bickering over who would get to use the one pair of tickets they had, and they ultimately settled on just crashing the gate and hoped to not get arrested. Low and behold, they walked up to the gate and just blew right past the ticket-takers and security, so Mark and I decided to take the same approach. With cash in hand, we offered to pay as we walked through the gate, but the security workers just stood there speechless and dumbfounded that we would have the nerve to walk right in. Within a matter of minutes, we were witnessing Michigan football!

Michigan chalked up another win after coming back from a halftime deficit, and I couldn’t have been happier with seeing the Wolverines earn the victory in Chicago.

Final Score: Michigan 42, Northwestern 24

Here’s a short video a la iPhone:


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