Monthly Baby Photos

We did the weekly Bumpdate of Brittany’s belly, so naturally we had to get on a consistent schedule with our photos of Willow as well! We hope you enjoy the monthly photos of our precious little girl, and we would love for you to leave a comment with any tips (or encouragement) on what we should prepare for in the months that follow…remember, we’re new at this whole parenting thing!

cute monthly baby photo of Willow

In her first month:

  • Willow is breastfeeding like a champ!
  • She likes short walks around the neighborhood…
  • …and long walks on the beach! Just kidding…but she did go on her first beach trip (more on that soon!).
  • Willow experienced her first airplane ride and she did GREAT!
  • We were so spoiled to have Kelsey Malicote do a newborn shoot of Willow.
  • Our girl hiccups and sneezes all. the. time.
  • Momma discovered that she can’t eat things that are tomato-based because it upsets Willow’s tummy (goodbye pizza…how ironic!).
  • Willow started sleeping through the night (for around 6 hours) at 4 weeks old (thank you Jesus!).
  • Daddy got his first smile from Willow. Heart melted!
  • Despite our best efforts, we conceded that Willow hates taking a paci. Crazy, right?!
  • She got to meet sooooo many dear friends who already love her to the moon and back.
  • Willow attended her first church service and got to participate in the annual baby dedication service!


Adorable baby photo month by month

In her second month:

  • Willow started going on runs with momma and loves it!
  • She loves listening to Lauren Daigle music (but who doesn’t?!).
  • This child is still doing an awesome job with breastfeeding.
  • The cooing and babbling has started and her voice is sooooo cute!
  • She is still sleeping through the night (and we are progressing in hours)!
  • Willow finally fits in newborn clothes. She was only 5 lbs. 13 oz. at birth, so we had to scramble to find preemie outfits!
  • Spit bubbles are apparently “in” when you’re two (months).
  • Our sweetheart absolutely HATES the car and car seat.
  • Her smiles are more frequent and getting cuter by the second!
  • She got to meet our awesome Colorado friend + photographer, Jennifer Morgan, for a fun photo shoot at Keeneland!
  • Willow still won’t take a paci…
  • …but she found her hands (which have found her mouth).

In her third month:

  • This girl is pretty much smiling on command…it’s the best!
  • She absolutely loves her Daddy and gave him her first tiny laugh (we caught it on video + will share it soon!)
  • We traveled to Lakeside, Ohio for the long Fourth of July weekend. Willow totally slept through the fireworks!
  • Our little jet-setting beach bum had an awesome week in Seaside, Florida (this will be a separate blog post).
  • She loves being outside (and so do we), so we think we’re going to keep her.
  • Willow is still sleeping through the night (gimme allllllll the praise hands!)
  • Her personality is really coming out and you can definitely tell when she doesn’t like something.
  • She LOVES her hands!
  • Willow has started to grab and hold on to things (pretty soon she’ll probably want Daddy’s wallet).
  • Thankfully, she is getting a little better about car rides but is still a bit suspect of her car seat.

In her fourth month: 

  • Now Willow smiles ALL the time (except around bedtime).
  • She is starting to laugh at things we do…It’s precious!
  • The obsession with her hands continues (is anyone really surprised?).
  • Willow is still breastfeeding and taking the bottle well.
  • She loves bath time…
  • …but on the way to the tub she has peed on Daddy a couple times!
  • The girl “talks” all the time…she has some pretty elaborate tales!
  • She usually gets vocal when you lay her down on the changing table and talk to her.
  • Willow is a pro at taking 30 minute naps (but not a minute longer).
  • She loves holding on to her little bunny (we named her Winnie).
  • Her preference is to be facing out when you’re holding her. She has people to see, ya know!
  • She’s so great to take on walks (and usually falls asleep).
  • She loves looking around and definitely enjoys any time outside, but she hasn’t experienced winter yet.

In her fifth month:

  • She is the happiest girl around! Willow is almost always smiling or “talking.”
  • Our little girl L-O-V-E-S bath time.
  • Breastfeeding has become a challenge and the weaning process has begun.
  • She has been trying lots of different foods, but of course she prefers the sweeter ones (just like her momma)! Willow has had apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, peas, green beans, pears, avocado, prunes, bananas, peaches, pineapple, and even had a little taste of peanut butter. Out of all of these things, pears and bananas are her absolute favorites!
  • As soon as she learned to roll over in her crib we transitioned her out of her sleep sack, so now this girl just sleeps in her onesie at night!
  • She absolutely loves her exersaucer and loves bouncing, bouncing, bouncing the day away!
  • Willow started paying attention to the dogs a lot more this month and is following them with her eyes and smiling at them. The dogs are appreciating the increased attention…haha!
  • This little one took her first trip to Knoxville (where Brittany’s parents and sister lives) and Willow did AWESOME in the car!
  • She was invited to a birthday party at Evan’s Orchard and got to take home a pumpkin with her name on it!
  • She’s officially a belly sleeper. Momma may have cried the first night she slept on her belly in her crib…it was so nerve-wracking!

In her sixth month:

  • Willow suddenly loves being on her belly and is rolling all around reaching for anything she can get her hands on. She’s pretty good at scooting backwards, too!
  • She loves books (this makes her literacy professor Momma happy!).
  • Willow tries to reach for the dogs and sometimes gets tickled by them.
  • She can sit up on her own for about .05 seconds. She’s close, we know it!
  • Willow is obsessed with her Daddy! You can’t wipe the smile off her face when he’s around. It is SO stinkin’ precious!
  • She’s getting the hang of our Sunday afternoon nap time (thank you, Jesus)!
  • No teeth yet, but there’s tons of drooling going on!
  • We’re in our final days of breastfeeding.
  • She got the CUTEST Halloween costume! Stay tuned to our Instagram feed to see it later this month!
  • Willow had her six month photos taken by the one-and-only Kelsey Malicote and y’all…they are the sweetest, plus she got to hang out and get some snapshots with her BFF, Myla Malicote! We can’t wait to share them with you soon!
  • Her smiles and blue eyes melt our hearts right into a puddle.



  • This little girl had me at hello! She’s the cutest and a personality to go with it. It’s amazing how smart she is and how she communicates with you. And those smiles get you every time. She’s a great little communicator even at such a young age. She is so much fun! She loves to go outside and from what I understand she loves bath time. She’s amazing! She did take a 2 1/2 hour nap for her gigi~ just sayin’

  • Willow is beautiful and I love seeing you guys soak these days in!!!!
    I’ve got a couple longer baby-nap tips if you get tired of short 30 minute power naps!

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